Notion Interactive Course: do and learn

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Want to learn how to work with Notion from scratch? Or improve some skills, for example, in working with formulas, filters or rollups? This interactive course on Notion allows you to become a master in Notion in 2-3 evenings.

This course has 2 unique features. Firstly, it is aย "learning by doing" course. You will master all aspects by completing tasks. Secondly, you see your progress, by topic, by thematic section and throughout the course:

How to study?

1. Login to Notion and duplicate this template into your workspace

2. Select topics that interest you (if you are new to Notion, then start from the very beginning)

3. Solve the problems (usually in special exercise space)

4. Mark completed exercises

5. Almost every topic contains a solution - check in case of difficulties

6. Watch your progress grow

All steps are shown in detail in the video tutorial.

What is included in this course?

I want to try first

Try to solve the tasks on the first 4 topics using the ๐Ÿ‘‰ demo template. This mini-course also has its own progress tracker :)

A few words about paying

  1. Currently PayPal is not available, please use a bank card.
  2. If you have a discount code, you are to enter it not on this page, but on the next one. Right above the credit card info you will see the special field for this.
  3. If the credit card payment failed, check your Library. For some reason Gumroad card payments sometimes might pass while showing failure.

About the author

My name is Artem, for 2 years now I have been teaching Notion on my YouTube channel (Russian) and in private consultations for individuals and businesses. Before creating the English-language course, more than 300 students took this course in my native language.

A few reviews from my course website:


I got the course after watching several videos on YouTube. I liked the practical lessons in the course. They are made in a playful way and it is interesting to pass them. After the course, I gave the Author the opportunity to advise me on the request to work on the Getting Things Done system, and I was satisfied).


You can, of course, learn Notion on your own. But, if you have little time (it seems that only lazy people have a lot of free time), then you can "turn on acceleration" - take the Notion course from Artem, and spend several times less time studying this wonderful program. By my subjective calculations, taking into account that this is the first (!!!) of my similar program, I would spend about 4 weeks on independent study of Notion, and with the help of the course, I perfectly mastered the program in a few days. Speed โ€‹โ€‹and quality are compatible things, and Artem knows about it.

I want this!

200+ exercises to master Notion with progress tracking on a singe Notion template

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Notion Interactive Course: do and learn

8 ratings
I want this!